Sunday, 19 March 2017


So the weather is brighter but still cold . Today it's also very windy and cloudy.

The Magnolia Stellata is starting to open .This little Magnolia as always flowered well ever since it was planted.

This bed always gets the sun , so the flowers open well.

Lots have opened to day due to the sunny weather.

A close up of one of the flowers.

Also my large Magnolia, Black Tulip as the beautiful flower starting to open. When I first bought this Magnolia I almost gave up with it as it only ever had one flower and the frost would always come and kill the bud before it got a chance to shine.

This year it's full of flower buds, however we are about to get some cold weather, I just hope all these lovely buds get their chance to shine like the one on the left.

but at least I can enjoy this one .

This Camellia is also ready to flower.

The Canna's are starting to sprout so have been moved from the greenhouse, to free up some space and into the cold frame.

The rockery is looking good.

I bought this little Daffodil bird feeder the other week because some of the price was donated to the Macmillan Cancer nurses.

It's made of cast iron so should last a good while.

So now that Spring's arrived lots of jobs need doing, plenty of plants need cutting back or moving, things need repairing and some replacing.
And changes need to be planned...... another year in the garden.....


Sunday, 26 February 2017


Well I did not realise just how long it's been since I posted on here. We have spent from September until now working on the house, so the garden's taken a back seat.

But now that spring is approaching Paul's eyes have turned to what needs doing in the garden this year.

When we were doing the house , we needed to have some materials delivered, so had a load of Scaffold boards delivered at the same time. Paul had decided to use scaffold boards to build the new compost bins from.

This weekend he decided to make the compost bins up.

Saturday he cut and fixed together the two end side panels. Then today he started constructing it in place.

It will have three parts for turning the compose over as it rots down until it becomes ready in the final bin to be used on the garden.The two inside sides will have removable slats to make for ease of turning the composing garden waste from one bin to the next.

 and here is the almost finished bins. The front slats on all three bins are removable for ease of use.

From the other end.

already in use!

For the moment the wheelbarrow is stored in the last bin. It's all been treated with five star preservative.

another plan for the garden this year is to replace this..

We'd originally decided to  and put in a base and build insulated walls around with a double door , to ensure that the roof would be safe. as we put the roof on an existing structure but we do not know just how the posts, that hold it all up and are wooden , have been placed, they could be rotting and although we could build walls to support these should anything happen and make a nice finish, we've decided to replace the whole thing with a new building.
So we'll be sharing our progress on the replacement etc of this over the coming months.

The garden pretty much all looks like this and as we go into March part way through this week, we'll start to get outside and start the annual process of tidying and repairing the garden for the coming year.